Scaredy Bat by Jonathan Meres & Anders Frang

Published by Little Door Books, 2021.

Scaredy Bat takes the being scared of the dark narrative and switches it on its head. Big Bat, Middle Bat and Little Bat live in a hollow of the old oak tree. Dawn is breaking and the bats should be asleep but Little Bat can’t sleep. He’s scared of the light. The other bats taunt him and Little Bat is determined to prove that he’s not a scaredy bat. He bravely ventures outside in the daylight and, much to his surprise, has a wonderful time until he encounters the Bogey Bat… However, things are nowhere near as scary as they first seem.

Scaredy Bat is a lovely, reassuring picture book. It’s lots of fun and has such an endearing lead character. Everyone will fall for Little Bat! He’s absolutely adorable. He just has the one little fang peeking out and he looks so cute!

I completely love the illustrations. There’s a warmth to them as well as plenty of humour. The facial expressions of all three of the bats are terrific and convey lots of emotion.

My five-year-old and I really enjoyed reading Scaredy Bat and think you will too.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙

Suitable for children aged 4+

Thank you to Little Door Books for sending me this book to review.

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