The Most Important Animal of All by Penny Worms & Hannah Bailey

Published by Mama Makes Books, 2021.

The Most Important Animal of All is a fascinating non-fiction picture book which explores scientific concepts in an accessible and engaging way.

The book is set in a primary school classroom and some children are given the challenge of becoming animal champions. Each child is to nominate the one animal which they think is the most important of all and justify their choice to the rest of the class. Seven animals are chosen and range from elephants to krill. We’re presented with lots of really interesting information covering topics such as homes and habitats, diet and evolutionary adaptation. Each child makes a compelling case as to why their animal is the most important of all.

The book is an excellent reference book and includes a handy glossary and a useful list of websites and organisations signposting readers to further information. Scientific vocabulary is contextualised and explained. Diagrams clearly explain food webs and show the relationship between different animals in an eco-system. The book includes both illustrations and photographs of the seven chosen animals and this combination works really well.

Reading the book really gives you a sense of how finely balanced the natural world is. We see how different species depend on one another and how everything is connected. The book also highlights topical issues such as deforestation, extinction and the plight of endangered animals.

Endorsed by the British Ecological Society, The Most Important Animal of All is a richly informative book that will captivate curious young minds.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙💙

Suitable for children aged 5+

Thank you to Mama Makes Books for sending me this book to review.

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