Pinkie and Boo! by Chae Strathie & Francis Martin

Published by Little Door Books, 2021.

Pinkie loves being the smallest in her family but the arrival of a baby brother means everything is about to change. It seems like the tiny new addition will get all the attention and Pinkie isn’t happy about that. To cheer her up, Mum and Dad give Pinkie a present – a toy monkey – and Pinkie names him Boo. Together Pinkie and Boo hatch all sorts of schemes to regain Mum and Dad’s attention but things don’t go quite to plan…

Pinkie and Boo! is such a terrific picture book! First off, Pinkie is a brilliantly feisty lead character. She’s got attitude and sass in spades! She’s mischievous and impulsive and not afraid to speak her mind. Yet her worries about being forgotten or overshadowed show that she’s also got a fragile and insecure side.

There’s so much to laugh at in the book. Pinkie’s bleak forecasts for her future now that there’s a baby brother in the mix did make me giggle (abduction by evil seagulls, in particular) as did the ingredients she chooses for Mum’s milkshake (fishfingers, teabags and ketchup anyone?!)

As well making us laugh out loud, Pinkie and Boo! also sensitively explores a tricky family dynamic. Sibling jealousy surrounding the arrival of a new baby is common to many families and the book handles this issue in a playful and reassuring manner.

I absolutely love the book’s bold illustrations and the striking colour palette. Pinkie and Boo really come alive on the pages.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙💙

Suitable for children aged 3+

Thank you to Little Door Books for sending me this book to review.

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