In Every House, on Every Street by Jess Hitchman & Lili La Baleine


Published by Little Tiger, 2020.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home and this gorgeous picture book, out now in paperback, is a fantastic celebration of homes and all the families that make them.

My absolute favourite thing about this book is its diversity. The main focus of the book is a mixed race family – mom, dad and their two young children – but we also get to see all the other households on the street too. There are same-sex couples, same-sex parents, multi-generational families, and people who live alone. Different ethnicities are represented and there’s a young girl in a wheelchair too.

The book’s final line, “I wonder if our house is rather like yours?” sums up how the book also looks at what unites us and makes us the same – the notion that on every street you’ll find a home like yours with people that do similar things to you. Reading the book with my young son provided lots of lovely conversation starters: what things are they doing that we do too? They’ve made a den in their bedroom – where do we make ours? Look, they’ve got piles of books like us too!

Another of the book’s themes is well-being. We see homes as places of fun, games and laughter but also as safe spaces to discuss feelings and talk through the day. Together we can open up to each other, talk through our worries, and learn to say sorry.

Importantly, we see a nice distribution of domestic chores within the home. Dad does the washing and he plaits his daughter’s hair after the bath.

In Every House, on Every Street is written in fun rhyming text and the gentle pastel tones give the illustrations a warm and cosy feel.


The final scene is a glorious spread with peep-through windows that give us a sneaky peek inside people’s homes. It has fold-out pages which open up to a giant spread, revealing cross-sections of all the houses on the street. It’s fabulous!

In Every House, on Every Street is a heartwarming, inclusive book which gives us a delightful peek into family life.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙💙

Suitable for children aged 3+

Thank you to Little Tiger for sending me this book to review.


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