In the Garden by Noëlle Smit


Translated by Laura Watkinson.

Published by Little Island Books, 2020.

77B3DF23-423A-40ED-94A1-9C85A60EE6C1In the Garden is a gorgeous picture book that depicts the changes in a vegetable garden from month to month. There’s a richly coloured double page spread for each month and a short line of text. A young family tends to the garden and we watch as it changes from a sleepy January garden to one in full bloom before the seasons change again and it’s time for harvest and another winter.

4B1C687F-C9FD-4317-9C1F-5FF2C221A5EBIt’s such a terrific book for showing the passing of the seasons. I also love how children can learn about how a garden grows. They’ll see seeds being sown in the greenhouse and then later, when they’ve sprouted, getting planted into the ground – sometimes under cloche covers or tunnels. As the months get warmer, the garden comes into flower and the vegetable plants grow quickly and are soon ready to eat.


58B7F5AA-4923-4B62-8ADB-492F0DA5F519There are juicy raspberries and strawberries to pick and enjoy too. By August, the garden resembles a jungle! Autumn means it’s time to pick the apples and harvest the pumpkins and the last of the vegetables.

Everything looks so appetising. The illustrations are a delight – so vibrant and cheerful. I could quite happily frame them and hang them on my wall. The rich colour palette is a joy. The pictures are full of life: plants growing, puppies playing, birds and butterflies flying.

47EB6C1F-8E45-4160-A755-21847D1D46D9In the Garden is a beautiful celebration of nature and the cycle of life.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙💙

Suitable for children aged 3+

Thank you to Little Island Books for sending me this book to review.

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