Fly Flies by Ziggy Hanaor & Alice Bowsher


Published by Cicada Books, 2019.

It’s a lovely sunny day and Fly is having fun flying in the park. She likes to wibble and wobble and loop the loop. However, one animal after another criticises her flying style. Blackbird says she should be flying in a straight line, Stork suggests she glide on the wind, Starling advises flying in a group and Hawk recommends diving and swooping. Fly tries each style in turn, but none suit her. They are not her way to fly. Confidently and enthusiastically, she returns to her own style.


I really liked the striking black and white images with the occasional pop of yellow. There’s also some lovely slapstick humour in the illustrations. My son and I laughed out loud when we were reading. We loved the twist at the end too.

Throughout the book, repetition is used to great effect: repetition within the story structure itself and repetition in the story language. Children will quickly pick up on and join in with the refrains.

Fly Flies has a really strong message about staying true to yourself and not being swayed by others. It’s a terrific book. 

Rating: 💙💙💙💙💙

Suitable for children aged 3+

I originally reviewed this book for the BooksforTopics website (click here for link). Thank you to Cicada Books and BooksforTopics for sending me this book to review.

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