The Wolves Who Came for Dinner by Steve Smallman & Joëlle Dreidemy


Published by Little Tiger, 2019.

The Wolves Who Came for Dinner is a book that plays with our preconceived ideas and turns them on their head. On the cover a sweet little lamb is surrounded by three hungry and rather fierce-looking wolves. They’re licking their lips and you can almost see them drooling. You’d imagine that lamb is on the menu. However, Wolf and lamb (whose name, amusingly, is Hotpot!) are best friends. And Wolf is a vegetarian.

The problem lies with Hotpot’s friends, the other woodland animals. They fear for Hotpot’s safety and assume that Wolf intends to eat her. Wolf invites the bunnies for tea and tries to join in with a woodland game of hide and seek but the other animals are suspicious of his intentions and all run away. We see how dejected Wolf feels about all of this. Young readers can begin to appreciate the problems that arise when innocent parties suffer judgement without being heard.


When the bunnies don’t want to play, Wolf invites his wolf friends round for dinner with him and Hotpot instead. Worried, the woodland animals gather outside and hatch a plan to rescue Hotpot. Again they have rushed to conclusions based on assumptions rather than facts. They burst into the house and are very surprised at what they find.

The Wolves Who Came for Dinner is a brilliant book about challenging stereotypes and prejudices. The illustrations are lovely too – full of sweet and emotionally expressive characters and gentle humour.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙

Suitable for children aged 3+

Thank you to Little Tiger for sending me this book to review.

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