Disney Princess, The Castle Collection


Adapted by Nicola Deschamps. Edited by Target Editorial & Emma Drage.

Published by Studio Press Books, an imprint of Kings Road Publishing, 2018.

The Castle Collection is an utterly gorgeous book. From the moment I saw the gold foiled cover, which sparkles with fairy dust, I knew I was in for a treat. The book is a treasury of nine different Disney castles and palaces. They range from Cinderella’s classic fairytale palace to Merida’s rugged castle in the Scottish Highlands, and from Ariel’s glittering underwater home to Jasmine’s gold domed desert palace.


I love a good cross-section and this book has nine!  They are full-page and full of intricate detail. You could pore over them for hours. They really do give you access all areas. Then for each castle there’s a who’s who of notable characters, followed by images and information about each of the key rooms. The book is full-colour and it has a sumptuous feel to it. Some of the artwork has never been seen before so it’s a real treat for Disney fans. It’s a lovely oversize book too which is perfect for showcasing the fabulous illustrations.


This is the definitive guide to Disney castles and a fabulous gift for any Disney fan. It’s a book they’ll treasure and return to time and time again. Quite simply, it’s enchanting.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙💙

Suitable for children aged 5+

Thank you to Studio Press for sending me this book to review.



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