Forever by Emma Dodd


Published by Templar Publishing, 2014.

This is another gorgeous book in Emma Dodd’s series of rhyming stories about baby animals and their parents.

The theme of the story is a father’s unconditional love and support for his child. Daddy polar bear reassures his cub that his love will last forever; theirs is a life-long journey together. He’ll be there to share in the good times and at his cub’s side when he’s feeling down. He’ll find him if he’s ever lost and comfort him if he’s scared. Daddy will nurture baby’s hopes and dreams and be there for him forever. These lovingly expressed sentiments make Forever an ideal book to share with your child.

It is beautifully illustrated. The polar landscapes are gorgeous. I especially loved the page with the aurora borealis as backdrop. Throughout this softback edition, details such as snowflakes, ice and the moon and the stars have been picked out in silver foil. This makes the snow covered scenes glisten and sparkle and it lends the book a magical, wintry atmosphere.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙💙

Suitable from birth.

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