Moon by Britta Teckentrup & Patricia Hegarty


Published by Little Tiger, 2017.

Moon is a stunning picture book about the sights and sounds of night-time around the world. We visit many different habitats: jungle, savannah, forest, polar, mountain and ocean. It’s a peek-through book; there are cut-outs in the shape of the moon on every page. Look through and you’ll see the sparkly moon glistening. The shape of the moon changes from page to page as it waxes and wanes.


Britta Teckentrup’s gorgeous illustrations are wonderfully atmospheric. Her muted palette of greys, browns, greens, blues and deep purple is perfect for the night-time world. She captures the darkness and half-light so beautifully, drawing shadows, silhouettes and shafts of moonlight.


When she depicts a moonbow and the Northern Lights, we are shown night-time nature at its most spectacular.


As well as learning about the phases of the moon, we discover that the moon is a guide for migrating birds, and we find out about the power of the moon over the tides. We marvel at the aqua gleam of a glow-in-the-dark scorpion at night; see turtles coming ashore at night to lay their eggs; and spot the animals that come out under darkness to hunt. For many animals in countries where the heat of the daytime is intense, we learn how the coolness of the night provides welcome relief.

Moon is written in rhyme using rich expressive language. It’s a beautiful book, full of awe and wonder.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙💙

Suitable for children aged 2+

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