Daddy Frog and the Moon by Pippa Goodhart & Augusta Kirkwood


Published by Little Door Books, 2019.

Frog is carefree, leaping from lily pad to lily pad without a worry in the world. Then he becomes a father. Love between father and daughter is immediate and strong. Yet Daddy Frog doesn’t feel that telling his daughter he loves her is enough. So he searches for a way to fully convey the strength of his feelings.


He finds a perfectly round stone and a lovely white lily flower but the stone is dull out of the water and the lily wilts. Then Daddy Frog notices the magnificent full moon and decides this will be the perfect gift. However, no matter how high he jumps, he cannot reach the moon.

Meanwhile, Baby Frog is growing and eager to learn. She repeatedly asks her father to teach her but he is always too busy with his quest. So, Baby Frog learns how to squiggle and swim on her own.

Eventually, Daddy Frog realises that the best way to show the extent of his love is to actually spend time with Baby Frog. The two of them leap together and marvel at the moon.

I loved the book’s illustrations. Augusta Kirkwood has used a gentle colour palette of greens, purples and greys. Her sumptuous pictures are richly textured and full of depth. The brilliant moon gleams from the pages.

Daddy Frog and the Moon is a sweet and charming story about paternal love.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙

Suitable for children aged 3+

Thank you to Little Door Books for sending me this book to review.


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