Really Feely Baby Animals & Really Feely Farm by Polly Appleton & Dawn Sirett


Published by Dorling Kindersley, 2017.

These Really Feely books belong to a new series for pre-schoolers from Dorling Kindersley. Each book features five animals across five double-page spreads. Children are invited to pat, tickle, stroke and touch the different animals.

What I really like about these books is the variety and quality of the tactile elements. Dorling Kindersley have used materials that closely replicate the fur of each of the different animals. For example, the donkey foal has short tufty fur whereas the puppy’s fur is longer and fluffier. My absolute favourite page is the owl chick with its fuzzy, downy feathers – just gorgeous!


As well as feeling the animals’ fur, children are encouraged to touch beaks, noses, snouts and ears. In addition to the fluffy patches, the feely parts also include bumpy patterns, felt, tactile glitter and high-shine smooth sections.

These fabulous touch-and-feel books are a great way to help  toddlers learn the names of different animals. The simple text introduces some basic information about the animals and will help young children to learn more about the world around them.


Rating: 💙💙💙💙💙

Suitable from birth.

Thank you to Dorling Kindersley for sending me these books to review.

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