Dylan the Doctor by Guy Parker-Rees


Published by Alison Green Books, an imprint of Scholastic, 2016.

Guy Parker-Rees, author of the fabulous and much-loved Giraffes Can’t Dance, is behind a new series of picture books which feature a loveable stripy dog called Dylan. The books follow Dylan on his playtime adventures as he role plays different jobs. The first book in the series is Dylan the Doctor.

It’s a lovely sunny morning and Dylan decides that it’s a ‘Making-Everyone-Better day’. He fetches his doctor’s kit and heads off in search of animals who need his help. Before long, he has diagnosed cases of ‘Head-shoulders-knees-and-toes-itis’ and ‘Floppy-Wobble Fever’. He soon helps his patients feel better and does an excellent job of taking care of everyone. However, being such an attentive doctor takes its toll on Dylan and he ends up needing to be looked after himself!

I love how Dylan makes the ambulance sound as he races around helping everybody. I had lots of fun reading the ‘nee-naw, nee-naw, nee-naw’ aloud and I’m sure my son will love joining in with this as he gets older.

On each page there’s a tiny ladybird called Dotty Bug. She asks the reader questions in relation to the story, with a particular emphasis on making links between the story and the reader’s own experiences. It’s a great way to involve your child in the adventure and means that the story-sharing experience is more interactive.

The illustrations are rich in colour and, in places, almost look as if they’ve been coloured in using wax crayon. This makes them very child friendly.

This is a playful adventure that young children will love and relate to. Catch Dylan in his next book, Dylan the Shopkeeper, which is out soon.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙

Suitable for children aged 2+

Thank you to Scholastic for sending me this book to review. I reviewed this book as part of the Dylan the Doctor blog tour.

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