Dave’s Cave by Frann Preston-Gannon


Published by Nosy Crow, 2016.

Dave’s Cave – just the title makes me laugh! This is a brilliantly funny picture book. I love the language; it’s written how we imagine cavemen might speak (truncated sentences with missing verbs) and this makes it great fun to read aloud because you can really get into character.


Dave lives in a cave. Outside there is nice green grass. Inside there are big comfy rocks. One night, he lies wide awake and decides he wants to find a better cave – one with greener grass and bigger rocks. So, with his friends squirrel and bird, he sets off to find a new cave. Sadly, each new cave he finds is not quite right – too noisy, too small, inhabited by a sabre-toothed tiger… Eventually, he finds a cave that’s perfect and strangely familiar.

Frann Preston-Gannon’s illustrations are bold and striking. They are a joy to look at. I really like how she has added texture to Dave’s hair and beard, the tiger’s fur and the walls of the cave. There are also lots of nice details in the pictures that I didn’t spot the first time that we read it.

Oh, and I rather loved the quote from T S Eliot at the beginning. A nice touch.

Rating: 💙💙💙💙💙

Suitable from birth.

Thank you to Nosy Crow for sending me this book to review.

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